Office Design for Employee Wellness

With cold and flu season on the way, companies are looking to stock up on the right supplies to keep on hand to help improve overall health and wellness at the office. But in addition to adding the right cleaning supplies, antibacterial soaps, Kleenex and wipes to ensure hands and surface areas are clean, offices can also look to workplace design to help improve employee wellness.

According to a study by the World Green Building Council, an office workplace that enhances productivity can leverage a huge return on the investment. The Wellness, Wellbeing and Productivity in the Office study goes on to say that “a building must not only avoid threats to wellness but also promote productive wellbeing. Healthy employees are more productive than unhealthy ones.”

Here are four top areas to keep in mind when you’re looking to make your office space work for your employee wellness.

Natural space – Utilize the natural light and green space you have, and create work areas that make the most out of your windows. Workers with access to natural light tend to get a better night’s sleep and a more productive day of work (source). In addition, natural touches like plants and even using furniture with more natural materials can improve indoor air quality.

Room to rest – A well designed breakroom not only allows you to reset your mind and return to your desk with a more productive mindset, the right breakroom layout can also encourage collaboration and give workers an alternative space to get work done..

Flexible furniture – With 84% of office workers sitting for four or more hours a day, office work can take a serious toll in the form of headaches, back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. Adaptive, multipurpose furniture is helping offices maximize space while also offering employees options. This can even extend to alternative desk setups like sit/stand workstations and treadmill desks.

Quiet time – While breaks and collaboration can encourage productivity and foster a feeling of community that is key to workplace wellness, quiet time is also important. As you seek to design your office with wellness in mind, provide quiet areas that allow workers to relax, concentrate and focus on their big ideas.

Want more great design and furniture ideas for your office? Check out Business Interiors by Staples to start building your dream office.

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