3 Ways Technology Can Engage Employees

Having the right technology and tools for the job is critical for productivity and minimizing employee churn. Poor technology is one of the top three causes of poor productivity, as indicated in the Workplace Index Survey, while the most satisfied employees are much more likely to have access to the latest tech such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

So how can technology help solve these problems?

Enable flexibility in the workplace
46% of workers said flexibility is the top priority when considering a new job, and technology plays a big role in this. Newer technology products like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, allow employees to get work done almost anywhere.
Telecommuting is on the rise, and more companies are implementing formal processes and policies to facilitate telework. The right devices, the right software, and the right management are all integral to a flexible workplace that doesn’t miss a beat no matter where they are.

Get control of email
While having the right technology allows employees to work from anywhere, at any time, this can lead to leaning on email as the primary communication method rather than a quick phone call or walk to someone’s desk. Half of workers say they receive too much email, which contributes to lower productivity. A solution is implementing standardized instant messenger applications, which can give workers another avenue for “just-in-time” needs and brief questions.
Tech training can also assist employees drowning in email; educating employees on how to use their email tools (like filters and folders) can help streamline and organize their inbox.

Stay current
54% of employers and 70% of employees cited poor performing technology as one of their top productivity drains. In fact, among staff, inadequate tech was the biggest complaint. If employees are struggling with outdated, slow or faulty technology, this not only takes time away from their work, it also creates frustration and contributes to burnout. Suppliers and other industry experts can assist IT leaders with planning ahead, providing direction and recommendations with an eye to what the future holds for office technology.

While there are many areas where employers can help keep their employees engaged, keeping these three areas top of mind can help technology leaders foster a more productive, flexible workplace.

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