3 Simple Time Management Tips to Improve Productivity

Feeling overloaded and stressed when you look at the amount of work on your plate? You’re not alone. The 2015 Workplace Index report revealed that almost half of employees in today’s workforce are feeling burned out. So how do we tackle the mountain of work without feeling overwhelmed? Introducing a few simple time management tips to your team can help minimize stress and improve performance and productivity during office hours.

Where to begin? We’ve put together 3 simple time management tips to get you started:

Tip #1
Host fewer or shorter meetings so employees are left ample time at their desks to get tasks done during business hours. Run a more effective meeting: provide a detailed agenda to ensure you cover the most important key points; set a timer so that your meeting doesn’t run long; allow time for questions; and give a summary with actionable to-do items when the meeting concludes.

Tip #2
Keep a daily planner to track items and prioritize your to-do list, and to keep up to date on meetings and events. Keeping an ongoing list helps to stay organized with your workload and work week activities so you can make the most of your time at the office. Schedule tasks, set deadlines, and avoid procrastination.

Tip #3
Learn to delegate tasks and share the workload. It can be easy and tempting to take on more than you can fit into your schedule. Learn to lean on others for assistance.
Utilizing the Group Order service through your eway.ca account is a great way to share workload. Group ordering is the easiest way to place the whole office’s order and get everyone what they need. The service enables an existing user to invite co-workers to shop online and request products, allowing the administrator to build a single shopping cart with a single checkout process.

What are your best time management strategies that allow you to limit stress and stay focused?

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