5 Factors that Contribute to Employee Productivity

The importance of the office environment cannot be underestimated – even the basics such as furnishings and keeping the office at the right temperature contribute to employee productivity. So it’s no surprise that both employees and employers identified these as factors that can either help or hinder productivity in the workplace.

832 employers and 1,771 staff participated in the 2015 Workplace Index survey, and findings point to the following 5 key factors that impact productivity:

  1. Facilitating teamwork
  2. Adequate breaks
  3. Flexible schedules
  4. Ergonomic/functional furnishings
  5. Right temperature

Encouragingly, staff and employers both agree that the key to a productive office is an environment that facilitates strong teamwork, encouraging co-workers to work well together and communicate effectively.

Making sure staff get adequate breaks to refresh themselves was also identified as important, and flexible schedules emerged as the third most significant factor. Many workers find that traditional schedules do not always suit them and prefer a more flexible, non-conventional arrangement and working hours.

Having functional furniture that supports proper ergonomics,  as well as a comfortable office temperature also made the list.

Bottom line: find the right balance. If staff and employers can find the right balance, both will greatly benefit.


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