Camping With Staples Advantage

Here at Staples Advantage we take great pride in our sustainability initiatives and recycling programs – so we were thrilled when one of our empty paper boxes had been reused and upcycled into a camping oven to make cookies and pizza at a Girl Guides camp in Ontario!  Stephanie DeFazio, Non-Stock Procurement Manager at Staples Advantage (as seen below) shows us how it’s done!

Upcycle2   Upcycle

  • Line the box, including lid with aluminum foil (shiny side out)
  • Place a pie plate with hot charcoal briquettes in the middle of the box, and place 4 empty pop cans in each corner of the box (one per corner)
  • Place a wire cooking rack to sit on top of the cans
  • Place a baking sheet on top of the wire rack and close the lid

25 minutes later – everyone is enjoying freshly baked pizza and cookies!

Just a reminder to never leave cooking unattended and always ensure to provide adult supervision when kids are involved.

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