Looking to Boost Productivity? Take a Break.

It may sound counterproductive, but encouraging employees to take a break can actually boost their productivity.

In a recent survey by Staples Advantage, 41% of US workers reported feeling burned out as a result of spending too much time at work. And with 66% of people spending more than 8 hours a day in the office, employees are bound to start feeling the effects of being overworked.

Keeping your breakroom stocked with the snacks and beverages your staff loves can be good for business. Why? 80% of employees say taking short breaks is important to them and makes them more productive, but when they head to the breakroom, it’s often bare.

63% of employees surveyed reported that they feel more appreciated by a company that offers complimentary snacks and beverages. And 76% felt they could reduce their stress and unwind easier in a comfortable and well-stocked breakroom.

Is it time for your company to explore better breakroom options to help motivate your employees?

Explore the Breakroom solutions by Staples Advantage.

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