How Collaborative Workspaces Improve Office Productivity

The key to a more productive office might just be moving away from that very thing: the office. Your workspace should make you feel comfortable enough to do your best work, even if that means sitting on the couch with your feet up.

Communal spaces encourage employees to utilize breakout rooms to brainstorm new ideas in a fresh and open atmosphere away from the typical four walls of a cubical desk.

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“The idea is that chance encounters will spark conversations and collaboration that would not happen when creative minds are moored to a singled assigned desk.” – Knowledge©Wharton / “Cost Efficient, Open-Space Office Designs: Ditching Desks-and Privacy”

An alternate option is to add moveable furniture to the office to allow employees to pull up a chair or stool. This helps promote impromptu meetings and thought sharing sessions while working with the current workstations or seating areas already established in your office.

CollaborativeWorkspaces2    Pic5

Business Interiors by Staples offers expert vision in creating workspaces that cater to every environment, including open concept office spaces to encourage employee collaboration.

Learn more about how you can improve your current office workspace to promote employee to participation and productivity. Get started today, click here for more details.

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