Fifty Shades of Green

Is Your Company Sustainable Enough to Satisfy Your Customers And Employees?


These days it seems so easy to be green. Many companies have made great strides over the years to recycle, reduce waste, and switch to energy efficient business practices, but in a recent survey by Staples Advantage Canada, we discovered that many people feel that more can and should be done.

The survey revealed that corporate social responsibility, recycling programs, and environmental impact rank high among qualities people look for when doing business with an organization. 93 per cent of people care about the impact their organization makes on the environment, and nearly 60 per cent believe their company should enforce greater sustainability practices.

In addition, over 95 per cent of survey participants said they would be willing to take part in an eco-friendly initiative at work if it required employee participation.

If your organization would like to do more, check out one of these 50 ways to be green at the office:

  1. Take part in National Clean Your Office Day on April 24th.
  2. Buy Green office products – Staples Advantage has over 2,000 to choose from!
  3. Use only environmentally friendly products for cleaning.
  4. Recycle or donate dated technology so it doesn’t end up in landfills.
  5. Develop programs that encourage associates to carpool.
  6. If you are in the business of delivery, look at eco fleet options to save on fuel and emissions.
  7. Provide employees with filtered water and reusable cups.
  8. Ban Styrofoam in the office.
  9. Shrink your packaging to the smallest size allowable when shipping.
  10. Lower energy consumption by installing sensor lighting.
  11. Trim C02 emissions by removing 1 out of every 3 fluorescent light tubes in the office.
  12. Give employees the option to work from home and trim real estate costs and C02 emissions.
  13. Provide an incentive program to employees to purchase hybrid automobiles.
  14. Set up clothing donation bins at the office to encourage associates to recycle.
  15. Start a green committee to manage sustainability initiatives in the office.
  16. Install PC energy management software to track the power-down of electronics.
  17. Use a ceramic mug for coffee or tea.
  18. Print double sided whenever possible.
  19. Install low flow faucets and toilets.
  20. Invest in solar panels for energy.
  21. Save energy by banning screensavers.
  22. Use recycled toner for printing. It’s cost effective without compromising on quality.
  23. Turn the heat down a degree in the winter and a degree up in the summer.
  24. Don’t allow your property maintenance company to use pesticides.
  25. Offer premium parking spots to associates who carpool.
  26. Consider moving everyone to laptops instead of desktops. They use less energy.
  27. Buy Energy Star fixtures.
  28. Develop partnership with environmental organizations.
  29. Ensure paints are no or low VOC when renovating.
  30. Implement a litterless lunch day at the office.
  31. Put a paper recycling bin at every printing station.
  32. Switch to LED or CFL light bulbs around office.
  33. Invest in office plants for cleaner indoor office air.
  34. Buy only chlorine free paper with a high recycled content.
  35. Provide air dryers in bathrooms and common areas.
  36. Offer bike parking and incentives.
  37. Buy your power from a green energy company.
  38. Lower the office temperature after hours and on weekends if no one will be in the office.
  39. Eliminate the use of PVC plastic.
  40. Hold waste reduction weeks at the office.
  41. Use Terracycle Zero Waste Bins to recycle k-cups in the office.
  42. Eliminate large garbage cans at work stations and provide smaller bins that only hold 2 cups of waste.
  43. Provide bins in all eating areas to segregate recyclables, organics and general waste.
  44. Green your rooftop.
  45. Buy multipurpose office machines.
  46. Set up an exchange of unwanted office supplies, furniture or equipment so they can be reused.
  47. Consolidate online orders to reduce the amount of packaging materials used and delivery trips made.
  48. Perform an energy audit to find areas for improvement.
  49. Put up signage by recycling containers to make it easy for employees to participate in your recycling program.
  50. Bring attention to your sustainability initiatives by holding events around national environmental celebrations like Earth Day.

More results from our survey:



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