3 Easy Ways to Clear Your Mind at Work

We all have a million things on the go and with so much happening at the office on any given day (meetings, deadlines, projects, phone calls, emails…), we jump from task to task trying to tackle as much as we can. What can keep us from staying on track is the distraction of other projects sitting on our desks or open documents and windows on our computers. Before we know it we’re working simultaneously on five different tasks and we haven’t even finished the one we started with.

A simple and effective solution: clear your desk to clear your mind. We’ve put together three suggestions to reorganize your desk to help optimize your workday activity:

Clearing your desk helps you focus on the most important tasks.
Start by removing everything from your desk and only putting back the essential items: laptop/computer, phone, notepad, a few framed photos, and a desktop organizer to neatly keep pens, highlighters, scissors and any other office products that you access on an ongoing basis. Take all the non-essential items (additional notepads, paperclips, stapler, extra pens, etc.) and find a place for them in a drawer or small box or basket.
Say goodbye to piles of paper and stacking folders.
Create an effective filing system that’ll work for your needs. Any items you access on a daily basis (phone lists, department calendars), find a place to post them neatly on your cubicle walls, or file them into one binder so your most frequently accessed information is in one place. Next, create folders for ongoing projects or urgent assignments and organize these according to priority in an inbox tray or a desktop filing system. All other items should be sorted and organized more permanently in a drawer or filing cabinet, properly labeled for easy location.
Start a to-do list.
If you always have a mental list of things to do, or lists and reminders pined all over your office, take this opportunity to create a new habit of keeping ONE to-do list.. Writing all your action items down in one central place will help you manage your time and your tasks, and once on paper it’ll help alleviate the stress of having to remember it.

 Click here to register your office for National Clean Your Office Day on Friday April 24!



To assist in the reorganization of your office or desk, check out some of these products and tools from Staples Advantage Canada:

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