10 Million Reasons To Clean Your Desk

“A good spring clean at your work station doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or time consuming task.”
With the amount of hours we spend at the office, it’s no real surprise that there are a great number of germs and bacteria floating around.

According to the UK Daily Mail, the average worker comes into contact with 10 million disease causing bacteria lurking on your mouse, keyboard, and phone (Resource).

While some bacteria are inevitable, it raises the awareness and the importance of doing a thorough clean at your desk and in the office to eliminate dust and illness causing germs.

Use these simple tips to thoroughly clean your desk space and get rid of lurking germs and bacteria:

Remove everything from the surface of your desktop;
Take a micro-fiber cloth to wipe down and dust the entire surface space, including hard to reach corners, shelves, monitors, and even books and binders;
Use a disinfectant cleaner or wipes to clean all areas of your workspace. Pay special attention to high traffic areas of your desktop such as the mouse, keyboard and phone;
Don’t stop there – breakrooms are notorious for harbouring lingering germs. Tackle this area by using wipes or disinfectant sprays to wipe down microwave doors and handles, tea kettles, coffee makers, fridge door handles, and anything else that comes into contact with lots of hands
Get the best cleaning results with some of these great cleaning products from eway.ca:

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