Make Over My Charity Contest

Calling all charities. Enter the $10,000 Make Over My Charity Contest!

Charities give so much to Canada. So we wanted to give a little bit back. That’s why we’re giving away $10,000 in workplace products to one charitable organization.

Together with our vendor partners, we will makeover the office space of a deserving charitable organization with everything from office furniture to business supplies. The prize consists of $10,000 in workplace products, from various brands including Keurig Canada Inc., Ergotron Inc., Bush Business Furniture, Safco, Plantronics, Acco Brands, Danby®, and Kimberly-Clark Professional*.

“We realize that there are many charitable organizations that are in need of new office furniture and equipment to do their jobs well,” said Michael Zahra, president, Staples Business Advantage Canada. “Our goal is to assist a charity that needs it most so they can continue to support individuals and communities in need.”

Eligible charities must submit a photo of the office in need of a makeover online. The winning charity will be selected on November 30, 2016.

Click here to enter now.

More contest details:

  • Makeover Contest opens October 17, 2016 at 08:01 am (EST)
  • Staples Business Advantage will select a winner by November 30, 2016 at 11:00 am (EST)
  • Contest open to all registered charitable organizations in Canada
  • Deadline to submit entries is November 18, 2016 at 11:59 pm (EST)

To learn more, visit the contest website for details and full contest rules.Contest is only open to registered Canadian charities.

Know a deserving charity?
Share the contest with a deserving charity you admire. Or place vote on your favorite entry for a chance to win* 20 movie tickets.

RBC #make150count Initiative

Staples Business Advantage is proud to support and be a part of the RBC #make150count initiative!

To celebrate Canada’s remarkable past and looking to its bright future, RBC launched its Canada 150 initiative by giving thousands of young Canadians $150 with one simple request: use the money to help communities prosper. Through #Make150Count, RBC will celebrate these extraordinary acts of kindness that are generated across Canada.

To kick-off the program, some Staples Business Advantage associates joined RBC employees and used 300,000 Post-it Notes to create large scale portraits that depict some of the young Canadians who have already used their $150 to #Make150Count. The vivid images of these young community leaders are front-and-centre on the windows of RBC’s offices in Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Find out more about the RBC #make150count initiative here:

bullfrog is now bullfrogpowered with 100% green electricity!

The last time you placed an order on, did you happen to notice the little green frog at the bottom of the page?

bullfrogpower_logo_jpegWe’re excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with Bullfrog Power—our e-commerce services are now bullfrog powered with 100% clean, green electricity! At Staples Business Advantage, we strive to minimize our environmental impact on the planet and the communities we serve. Expanding our partnership to green power our e-commerce site means that every order you place online through Staples Business Advantage just got a little bit greener!

Staples Business Advantage and Staples Canada have proudly partnered with Bullfrog Power to choose clean, renewable energy for our business since 2013. Through this partnership, we’ve been able to reduce the carbon emissions footprint of our organization and help support new, renewable energy projects across Canada.

To learn more about how Bullfrog Power is helping Canadian businesses like us reduce their environmental footprints, visit


How to Create an Inspiring Workplace in 5 Easy Steps

The open office concept’s rise in popularity has come into question over the last few years, as many question the impact an open office design has on employee productivity. But on the flip side, a closed office layout decreases the opportunities for collaboration and spontaneous brainstorming.  So what layout option works best? Which one will inspire employees to do their best work? The 2016 Workplace Index surveyed a mix of managers and workers to find out.

The Workplace Index findings pointed to a split decision when it came down to the preference of the office floorplan layout and design. When asked what the preference would be, 34% said an open floor plan, 32% selected a closed floor plan, and 34% chose a hybrid option – an office floor plan consisting of fully enclosed office spaces or cubicles as well as open spaces.

Perhaps of equal importance to floorplan flow, those surveyed pointed to a number of features of an office that provide inspiration and add to productivity. Whether stationed in a cubicle or corner office, the following features were among the top rated in terms of what workers and managers are looking for:

  1. Natural light – 43% of survey respondents listed natural light as a feature in the office that they would like to have access to. Natural light is known to boost productivity and creativity among office workers.
  2. Private space – those who participated in the survey noted that they would like to have access to private space to get work done. In fact, 34% listed this as a preferred feature.
  3. Standing desks – the battle of sitting all day continues; 31% noted that a standing desk would be something they would like to have access to.
  4. Lounge areas – while private space allows workers to get their most pressing work done, lounge areas that promote collaboration were also requested by 30% of respondents.
  5. Flexible furniture for multiple uses – in addition to standard office furniture (cubicles, desks, chairs), respondents were looking for furniture that can adapt to their tasks.

Want to explore how you can introduce some of these elements into your workplace? Speak to the experts. The furniture team at Staples Business AdvantageTM can help. For more information, visit:


6 Tips to Master Your Time Management

In today’s busy office, what we all feel like we could use more of is time. Many workplaces are dealing with tighter budgets, a scaled down workforce, increased workload, and greater expectations to perform. We can learn all the tricks there are to perform our tasks more efficiently and streamline systems to get more done, but at the end of the day the most important aspect to fitting everything in to your work week is time management. If we can master the planning of our schedules, we just might be a little better off.

6 Tips to Better Manage Your Workday:

  • Take 15 minutes at the end of each day to schedule your workflow for the following day. Writing down important tasks for the next business day will also help alleviate stress once you leave the office for the evening.
  • Don’t book yourself back to back – allow room in your day for interruptions from colleagues, sending and answering emails and even unexpected phone calls.
  • Allow for flexibility – slot space in your calendar for breaks, lunch out of the office, and last minute projects. Giving yourself the extra time in your calendar for extra projects can help manage the stress that comes along with these unexpected requests.
  • Be realistic with the time it takes to get something done. Short scheduling or thinking you can rush through a task won’t help you in the long run.
  • Get the most important tasks done at the beginning of the day. That way if you do run over or out of time, you can reschedule some of the less important tasks for the following day.
  • Make the commitment to yourself to stick to the schedule you set out. Skipping one or two tasks for the day will only make the to-do list for the following days grow longer.

Product Spotlight – shop these favourite products to help you master time management:

DAY-TIMER Solstice Starter Set

fILOFAX Weekly Planners, Fuchsia

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What are you best time management tips? Share them with us in the comments below, or tweet us @StaplesBusAdv!

IMG_1514 (2)

5 Up-and-Coming Design Students Win Interior Design Scholarship from Staples Business Advantage

What does it take to design a workspace that is functional for a business but also inspiring for employees? College students across Canada got the opportunity to showcase their insights and understandings of workplace design as they applied their skills to create a corporate space layout and design for the 2016 Business Interiors Scholarship, now known as the Staples Business AdvantageTM Interior Design Scholarship Program.

The contract furniture division of Staples Business Advantage Canada is proud to offer academic scholarships to five winners of this year’s Corporate Workspace Design Project. Interior Design students from across the country participated and were judged on their ability to create and present a workspace design plan for the modern corporate environment. This was the 6th consecutive year for the Interior Design Scholarship Program. The design submissions were judged on a variety of criteria, including overall design concept, space planning solutions, finishes and material selection, presentation skills, and more.

“The task of designing a future space allows promising students to showcase their creativity and skills in creating a vision for reinventing the way we work,” said Sandra Vyse, National Director, Furniture, Staples Business Advantage. “We are very pleased to offer a scholarship to help students in education towards creating exceptional design.”

The scholarship provides an opportunity for talented design students to re-imagine today’s workspace into a place where digitalization, telecommuting and need for collaborative space can all be combined. The project encourages and supports interior design students who have the potential to make a significant contribution in the design field.

Staples Business Advantage Canada partnered with several interior design schools across Canada and professors selected their top students to participate in the workplace design challenge which saw nearly 30 submissions.

Throughout the design process, scholarship recipient Alessia Maria Agozzino from Sheridan College learned the importance of considering and incorporating employee wellness into the design process. “My goal was to create a work place that workers enjoyed going to as well as a space that enhanced the importance of wellness and sustainability,” Agozzino said.  “As Canadians we are indoors most of our day and we spend most of our time at work. Therefore, it is important to create a design that will better enhance the performance of workers by creating that outdoor feel…”

The following students were chosen nationally and awarded a scholarship by a panel of interior designers from the furniture team at Business Interiors by Staplessm, now known as Staples Business Advantage Canada and several designer firms:

Maria Cristina Riano, Fanshawe College
Alessia Maria Agozzino, Sheridan College
Sara Topp, Mount Royal University
Alexandra Verkuil-Wood, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Marie-Helene Sarrazin, College de L’Outaouais

Staples Business Advantage Canada congratulates each of the scholarship recipients and all the hard work they put in to their projects.


Supplier Or Partner? How to Spot The Difference

As a facility professional, you’re an integral part of your company’s success. And when it’s your responsibility to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, it helps to have the right people in your corner.

Our Field Guide for Facility Managers will help you spot the difference between a Supplier and a Partner. Quick tip: A supplier provides products, but a partner goes above and beyond to provide value to their customer.


Bottom line: don’t settle for a supplier, find a true partner.

The unexpected can happen anytime. That’s why your Staples Business Advantage Facility Specialists is available whenever and wherever you need. They live and work in your area, so dedicated, attentive service is always just a call away. Discover more about our Facilities Solutions here.

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